Day 255: Jinja, Uganda

Misty morning overlooking the Nile.

Day 254: Jinja, Uganda

Emerald Green snake eating its lunch. We were terrified because we thought it was the evilly poisonous Green Mamba.

Day 253: Jinja, Uganda

The group. In the centre with the hat is Paul who owns the island and on his right is Holly, his right hand helper. Next to Holly is her school friend, Emma, from Nakuru in Kenya. The three other chaps were friends travelling together, two from Austria and the one on the end from Macedonia, now living in Qatar. Anita is standing behind them in the back row is the House Manager.

Day 250: Kampala, Uganda

See Dirt Differently. I took this picture from a taxi driving past and I was actually interested in the furniture. It is common in Africa to see the most beautiful handmade wooden furniture on the side of the road. This stretch of street has quite a lot of these furniture shops. When I uploaded the photo I noticed the shop's sign. Litter and waste on the streets where you have to walk is certainly something that I struggle with here, but particularly in Dar.

Day 249: Kampala, Uganda

Not being in posession of guide book, let alone a map I booked myself in at Red Chili Backpackers-one of the two backpackers that I found on web. It was a complete money trap for umzungos. Accommodation was charged in Dollars and you could pay in local currency, but this was worked out according to the exchange rate and varied day-to-day. Its shoddy and a rip-off, something I often find with backpackers. I am happy to have moved since then to Kenrock Hotel where I get an immaculately (note: as opposed to Red Chili) en-suite single room with television and electricity for cheaper.