Day 161: Johannesburg, South Africa

I'm curious how this works. Just can not imagine that a procedure of this nature would be done by the type of medical practitioner who advertises on a flyer. Any insights?

Day 157: Johannesburg, South Africa

Elephant with city in the distance. Without digging into the ethics behind zoos too much. It was amazing to see the alot of school children who running around just loving being there. City children who may not otherwise get the opportunity to see these animals, which define so much a part of what being African is.

Day 153: Sea Point, South Africa

View of Signal Hill from my Aunt Cecille's house (my second home) which is stalked by property developers. The new neighbours have started building a mansion next door making Cecille's house look like a doll's house. It is blocking out her morning sun. Every couple of hours she goes outside to shout at the in their general direction, "it's a crime making an old lady live in little Pollsmoor!!" Ha, ha, good neighbours! I reckon she should rather have told them about the couple that got murdered in their beds in that house.